It has all been written before – the digital revolution in filmmaking has leveled the playing field. Ten years ago you would spend $1500 to buy, process and transfer a few 10-minute rolls of 35mm film. That $1500 will now get you a camera that can shoot beautiful, broadcast worthy HD images. Amazing. Likewise, editing and finishing costs have also been drastically reduced with advances in technology. No limit, right? Yes and No. The limit is and always has been the idea. The Creative.

No limit filmmaking is actually no excuse filmmaking. You might not have the budget of a Jaguar commercial but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something with the same impact or effectiveness. Now, more than ever before your idea matters. If your idea is great and most importantly it’s an idea that fits your budget than there is no excuse. It SHOULD be as good as the million dollar Jaguar spot. If you are doing things that look low budget these days- the creative is low budget. A small budget can easily achieve a national spot look if the idea is good and talented people execute it. There are so many ways to achieve quality in filmmaking today that there is no reason to limit what is possible. Every project should aim high.

No excuses. Your project isn’t great? You can’t blame the camera. You can’t blame the post budget. You can’t blame the fact that you couldn’t bring talent from LA or anything else. The right idea + the right budget (high or low) + talented people = success. That’s it. It is an amazing time to be a filmmaker, agency producer, marketing director or anyone else with a chance to grow a brand. No limits and No excuses. That is a revolution.